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January 8, 2008 My winter and spring schedule of classes. I'll be teaching lots of classes, in lots of places, so I hope to see you at a class soon!
November 14, 2007 l updated a few things and added some new links...
October 11, 2007 I'll be teaching three classes at the Portland Bead Expo in March!
August 4 , 2007 More classes and a new link with fabulous beaded beads.
July 3, 2007 Lots of new classes!
May 8, 2007 I've added new classes and updated the TinyPouch Gallery.
January 24, 2007 Happy New Year, bead friends! I've added a lot of classes - check them out!
October 18, 2006 I've been updating lots of areas - but not really adding much - check out About Vicki and Daily Creations for the most changes.
September 28, 2006 Updated the classes page... Check out the DIY Jewelry Making Show.
September 27, 2006 New front page!!! What do you think?
September 1, 2006 Holy cow! I've been unable to update for HOW long? I think I've got most everything under Control now.... Look for some changes!
April 1, 2005 April Blog, class updates.
March 20, 2005 New Classes! Started the March Blog. Added new items to the Instant Gratification Shop.
January 19, 2005 Added some links, a TinyPouch Gallery picture, and some technical info on downloading "Basic Beadwork Techniques". Corrected Contact info.
January 14, 2005 Added the pattern and basic instructions for the Herringbone Flower Cuff that I made for the DIY Jewelry Making Show. Updated the Links page.
January 06, 2005 Updated and fixed a lot of little things... I had the year as 2004 on my class page - Yikes! Started January's blog. Added a couple of pics to the TinyPouch Gallery. All the TinyPouch Patterns are up on my Instant Gratification Shop.
December 31, 2004 Added 14 new TinyPouch Patterns! I'll get them up on the Instant Gratification Shop as soon as I can.... Happy New Year!
December 22, 2004 Added new winter class schedule. Updated my Daily Creation blog. Put more patterns on the Instant Gratification Shop. Updated Books page.
December 5, 2004 Wow! I finally got my e-store up and running. You can get my out-of print books here, as well as patterns and instructions. If you want me to put you on my e-mail list, just drop me a line! I'll be offering special discounts and coupons to Star News e-Gazette readers.
October 7, 2004 Started a new blog page! And added links to some old blog pages. Wonder what happened to March and April? I couldn't get to my site in June, July, or August - but I think I blogged in March and April..... I just love that word! Blog!
October 1 2004

I finally put up the class listings for October and November. Hope to see you there!

I also added links to Interweave Press for my books.

September 23, 2004 Happy Autumn! I put a free pattern for Halloween bats on the Free Goodies page. I love Halloween, and bats are good luck....
September 15, 2004 Howdy! Did you miss me? I've (finally!) got my web hosting account all straightened out, and can post to my site again! I'm updating lots of little details, but the main thing I've added is a Paypal page.
May 17, 2004 New Blog entry!
May 1, 2004 Added a dozen new TinyPouch Patterns.
March 11th, 2004 Announce my move to Ohio!
February 8th, 2004 Added a new Blog Archive page. Started the Feb 2004 blog.
January 17th, 2004 January Daily Creations.        Big Kit sale!
November 11 , 2003 Updated the Daily Creations page. Added a new Pic to the TinyPouch Gallery.
September 03, 2003 Updated the Daily Creations page. Added new classes to the class page.
July 25, 2003 Added classes to the classes page... Yes, I'm teaching again! :)
July 12, 2003 Made the June Daily Creations Archive. Added a picture to the TinyPouch Gallery.
May 18, 2003 I've been doing lots of little things... Added a couple of pics to the TinyPouch Gallery. There is now an April Daily Creations Archive. Put a "Made with Macintosh" sign on the Welcome page. (Did you all know I work on a Mac? I have a G-4 Cube with a flat screen monitor, and lots of memory.) Updated the Books page.
April 28, 2003 Opened the TinyPouch Gallery. Just e-mail me a jpeg file of your TinyPouch Beadwork if you'd like to be included.
April 7, 2003 Added a tip jar to the freebie and Daily Creations page. Made the March Daily Creations Archive.
March 27, 2003 Added some new TinyPouch Patterns.
March 24, 2003 Added a Books page. Sale on the last few BEW books! Posted a new free TinyPouch Pattern. Asked for TinyPouch Gallery Submissions.
March 3, 2003 Added an Archive Page for Vicki's Daily Creations. I'll put each month on a separate page, so they'll load faster....
February 21, 2003 I think I have everything fixed... Now I can work on adding new content! Let me know if you find anything wrong. Thanks!
February 14, 2003 Launched VickiStar.com. I've moved this site to a new server, so not everything is working quite right, but it's a start! Don'tcha just love those learning curves?
February 3, 2003 Added my Daily Creation page.
January 28th, 2003 Fine tuning my new website...