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May 8, 2007

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TinyPouch Gallery

Presenting a gallery of finished beadwork made from Vicki's TinyPouch patterns.

I'd like to invite you to submit your beadwork.

It can be anything you like, just so long as you've used one of my patterns as a starting point. If you'd like to be included, just e-mail me a jpeg file of your project.

TinyPouch made from antique steel-cut beads by Vicki Star, using Pattern #T121




















Please be patient while the graphics are loading!




Pattern # T165

by Vicki Star

I used these amazing cobalt purple silverlined beads, the color just doesn't photograph well.

added 5/8/07


Pattern # T18

by Vicki Star

I used yellow thread on this pouch to make the crystal beads look pale moonglow yellow .

added 5/8/07


Cornflower TinyPouch

Pattern # T029

by Michel Bowersock


Michel made a pair of these tiny purses.


added 02/19/05


Pattern #T192

By Sue Truluck


I like the way Sue uses chain instead of a beaded neckstrap. And the striped beads are perfect for the fringe!



added 02/19/05


Pattern # 166

By Terri Martin


I love the colors in this one!




added 01/19/05


Pattern # T005

by Mary Abrahamson

Here's a sweet little iris TinyPouch.



added 01/19/05

Teapot and Wizard

Pattern #190 and # 128

By Sue Truluck


Notice the clasp on the Teapot pouch...

Love the fringe!




added 01/06/05

Glow-in-the-Dark Moon

Pattern # T115

by Vicki Star


I used those plastic, glow-in-the-dark crow beads that they sell in craft shops. It turned out big enough to hold my electric address book/calculator. And it glows in the dark! :)


Tiny Violet

Pattern # T004

by Vicki Star


This is one of the first TinyPouches I ever made. I beaded branched fringe, and added a red bead to make a ladybug hiding in the grass. I made the flower and stem separately, and sewed them to the front of the pouch for added dimension.

Halloween Witch

Pattern # T053

by Vicki Star


The bats in her fringe are Halloween confetti. I just poked a hole with a t-pin to make them into charms! If you look closely, she has a wart on her nose with thread "hair", and one on her chin, too. Scary!


Pattern # T054

by MaryAnn Walker


"The body of the bag is done in Delicas. The strap is a silk cord. It has a copper clasp. The 2 large crosses are sterling silver and the small crosses are copper colored stone. I made the pouch for Robert, my son, for his 21st birthday in 1997."


Pattern # T005

This is one of the lovely bags that someone sent to me a long time ago, but I neglected to save their name! Shame on me!


Great fringe, and I like the daisies in the strap.

If you know who beaded it - let me know, so I can give them credit! - Vicki



Pattern # T119

This is the other picture I saved with no name. I just love the snowflakes, and how the snowman's body is continued in the fringe.


Again, if you recognize it - let me know, so I can give credit! -Vicki


Pattern # T060

by Orchid Sue


"I used Delicas, & I used Czech seed beads for the fringe & the spiral rope straps (spiral for sturdy being they are for kids)."


Pattern # T060

by Orchid Sue


"I used Delicas, & I used Czech seed beads for the fringe & the spiral rope straps (spiral for sturdy being they are for kids)."


Cornflower TinyPouch

Pattern # T029

by Tracey Nanstad


"I just whipped this one up last night! It is so cute, tiny and delicate."

Salamander Needlecase

from Pattern # T178

by Vicki Star

Zen Pouch

Patten #T112 - Zen Bridge

by Ame Smith

"I know you're collecting jpgs of the tiny pouch patterns, so I've attached a pic of an amulet pouch that I did based on your zen pattern & also the matching earrings I made (I sell the pattern for the earrings with my other designs at www.beadcoop.com)"


Pattern # T33 Interlinked

by Vicki Star

The ring is just the top band from this pattern.

Mom's Tiny Lotus Flower Pouch

Pattern # T166 Lotus

by Wendy

Nova Scotia, Canada

"I made this for my mother last year, and she was so thrilled. I really enjoyed doing it. The icing on the cake was that I went to get a stone to put in it, and found this beautiful banded amethyst that just fit it perfectly. I had made it using double thread, because I wasn't sure, so it actually turned out quite stiff, and it just pops in and out perfectly."


Lipstick Case and Pin sets

Pattern # 005 Iris and # 056 Bee

by CJ

CJ has modified these patterns to fit around a lipstick tube and to hang from a pin finding.



Castle TinyPouch

Pattern # T99 - Castle

by Alexandria Dolezal

“I used Delicas and a sterling silver chain. I attached the chain to the pouch with clasps, so that later I can make more pouches and make them interchangeable (This way I only had to buy one chain).”