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I'm working on updating files, so they're easier to open. Meanwhile-

Here's what you'll need to open files that you download:

The file should end in .pdf.sitx, meaning the file is in pdf format that has been compressed (stuffed) for downloading. If the file ends in .jpg.sitx then it is a jpg file that has been compressed. If you purchased a collection, then you will have a folder that contains these types of files.

You should be able to double click on a file, and it will automatically unstuff itself, so it ends in just .pdf or .jpg. Most of the time, everything works like it's supposed to, and you'll be able to read and print out your book or pattern at your convenience. I recommend you make a copy to back it up!

If, for some reason, you can't open the file, you need one or both of the following free programs. Most computers already have these free programs, but if you need to download them, be sure you get the version for your operating system.

The FREE Stuffit Expander program that you can download to expand (unstuff) your file is at http://www.stuffit.com

You can download a FREE Adobe Acrobat pdf Reader program at http://www.adobe.com

Any graphics program can open a .jpg fie - Photoshop, for example.

If, you STILL can't open the file, it's possible that it got corrupted in the download process. Follow the instructions in your receipt to download it again.

Finally, If you STILL can't get your file to open, e-mail me, and in most cases I can e-mail you a non-compressed version of the file.


Click here to visit my Pattern Store