Herringbone Flower Bracelet

( DIY Jewelry Making # 403 Hi-Tech Beading)



I Prepare: A. Pour out piles of beads on working surface or chrysanthemum tray. B. Thread size 10 beading needle with 3 yards of size B Nymo thread. (Double and wax.)

II Rows one through three:
A. String first 2 rows - in this case, 40 dark green beads. (Hold onto tail, or use a stop     bead)
B String 3rd row
    1. Add 1st bead of row 3, turn (through one, skip 2, through 1)

    2. Work herringbone stitch across (add 2, through one, skip 2, through 1)

        (pull on both tail and needle threads with even tension)


III Row 4 through 132:
A. Add last bead of current row, and first bead of next row - turn
B. Work herringbone stitch across

IV Finish:
A. Work picots on ends by adding one bead (instead of 2) in each space across.

B: Sew on Velcro, hiding stitches in beads.


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