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Vicki is the author or co-author of the following beading books:

Beady Eyed Women's Guides to Exquisite Beadwork: A Peyote Stitch Primer, A Netting Primer, A Bead and Weave Primer, A Fringe & Edge Tassel & Trim Primer, and An Off-Loom Bead Weaving Primer (All Self-published, out of print, and available as an e-book)

Beading with Peyote Stitch, and Beading with Herringbone Stitch
Available from your favorite local bead store, or direct from Interweave Press.



Artist Statement

I want to create something that makes us smile, that adds a little beauty and happiness to the world. I’m amazed at the joyful satisfied feeling that happens when I get my “self” out of the way and let “spirit” come through. My biggest challenge is perfection, so I try to do my best and enjoy the process.

Sparkly-shiny pretties capture my attention. Rhythm and pattern satisfy my soul. Tiny things make me happy.

Beads and beadwork are my first love. Paper arts, books, boxes, Origami, and other paper goodies go nicely with my computer and digital photographs. I also enjoy creating miniature teddy bears, goblins, and other dolls, and watching their personalities form.



I've been beading for most of my life. I first learned loom-weaving on a cigar box loom in Camp Fire Girls when I was 8. I've been making things and beading ever since. I started making fused glass jewelry in the early '80s, and that started my current bead addiction. I was a Girl Scout leader, so when Marcie Stone at the Shepherdess in San Diego asked me to teach a beginner jewelry making class, I figured it would be easier to teach adults, because they wouldn't fight over the beads!

Since then, I've taught more than 500 classes, designed hundreds of patterns and kits, written 7 books, worked in 3 bead stores, and had booths in multiple bead shows around the country. I started Beady Eyed Women® with Jeannette Cook in 1994, we conducted lots of fun Bead Retreats and wrote several books together. I've twice appeared as a guest on the DIY Network's Jewelry Making show.

Now I'm workng on my own, and plan to continue designing, writing and teaching for the rest of my life.




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